Aleta Clardy

Founder and Strategist

Aleta Clardy has had a successful career guiding the creation and implementation of marketing and communications programs, marketing research, media placement, and advertising and event sponsorships to get long-term positive results and more money. Aleta's more than 35 years of progressive experience in corporate, entrepreneurial, technology, and mid-sized businesses has given her a wide range of skills in communications strategy, marketing, media, and sales planning. She has used these skills to make a big difference in the profitability and growth goals of the businesses where she has worked in different roles.

As the founder and chief strategist of Savvy Marketing Solutions, a corporate communications and marketing/media firm that focuses on traditional, digital, and social media, Clardy helps growth-stage companies with outsourced communications, strategic marketing research, and leadership. Clardy has worked with business and marketing strategies, ad placement, sales, and event marketing for big retail corporations, mid-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, tech companies, and startups. She knows about strategic marketing principles and corporate communication practices, such as planning, developing, and putting plans into action. This lets her figure out what the company needs and quickly come up with and put into action plans that will help communications grow, get better, and bring in more money.

Before starting Savvy Marketing Solutions, Clardy was the Marketing Director for the operations division of Near North Sales Service Corporation. There, her in-depth market analysis of Illinois health centers and possibilities for patient flow were used to create their marketing strategy. As Regional Director of Marketing and New Business Development for American Urban Radio Networks, Clardy was responsible for a closing rate of 87%, which led to a 59% rise in the number of accounts. Clardy has worked in the past as an executive and senior sales manager for Clear Channel Radio Corporation, Burrell Communications Group, Young & Rubicam, Ogilvy & Mather, and E. Morris Communications. In these roles, Clardy helped manage teams that brought in more than $70 million in advertising revenue for various station groups across the country. She also did strategic marketing, media planning, and placement for more than $30 million worth of advertising projects.

Clardy thinks that her job as National Sales Manager for Clear Channel Radio Corporation's WGCI Radio Station was one of her most important accomplishments. There, she managed a team of 200 National Sales reps who brought in $13.8 million in revenue, giving her a 40% share of that money and putting the station at the top of the Chicago market. As a result of these and other strategic communication successes, she won a number of awards. Radio Ink Magazine named her one of the Top 25 Most Influential Women in Radio in 2002 and Top 50 Most Influential Women in Radio in 2003. American Urban Radio Networks gave her the Inspiring People Award in 2003, and Broadcasting & Cable Magazine named her one of the Top 10 Women to Watch; The Next Wave in 2003. Clardy still works with a wide range of top leaders from all over the country, which helps women in management and gives them inspiration. 

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